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More about me

Things You May Not Know...


I’ve been in a real Space Shuttle
(on the ground)

I watched IMAX raw footage with the astronauts who filmed it

I am an avid traveler, photographer & foodie with 250,000 TripAdvisor Readers

I’m an excellent patient advocate & caregiver (published in MSK Bridges)

Love of Tech!


I believe everyone can benefit and enjoy the power of technology.

I drive STEM initiatives in both K-12 & University settings,
as well as socializing seniors in tech.

I come from 3 generations of engineers (father, husband, son & daughter too)



I earned my Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University with an emphasis in communications systems. 

My Masters of Electrical Engineering is from

 the University of Houston while working in conjunction with Johnson Space Center’s manned flight program.